Italian newspaper: Italy’s ambassador to Libya will arrive in Tripoli on February

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italy’s new ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi, will arrive in Tripoli at the beginning of February, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

Last December, several media reports confirmed that Grimaldi was reappointed as Italy’s ambassador to Libya, having served in this position from September 2011 to February 2015.

Grimaldi will be replacing, Giuseppe Perrone, who will serve as his country’s ambassador to Iran.

Perrone left Libya six months ago, on August 10th, and since then he has not returned to Libya. His departure came following his comments on the Libyan elections which were widely condemned by Libya’s political and social circles and sparked mass demonstrations across the country.

Italian Embassy explains Perrone’s controversial remarks on Libyan elections


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