Philippines’ embassy in Tripoli warns its nationals against possible attacks

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Philippine Embassy in Tripoli has advised Filipino medical staff working in different hospitals, clinics and medical facilities in Libya to be cautious against possible armed attacks.

This warning comes after repeated attacks on hospitals in Tripoli by militias.

Ambassador Oscar Orcine said no Filipinos were injured in the attacks, however, he said that “when clashes take place, there is always the danger to innocent civilians of getting hit and injured in the crossfire, or becoming victims of indiscriminate shelling,”

He urged Filipinos to exercise utmost care and to leave areas of clashes.

“The safest place to stay during clashes is indoors. It is best to anticipate clashes and to move to another city district of Tripoli outside the reach of shelling before the clashes begin,” the envoy said


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