HoR members demand criminalizing Muslim Brotherhood

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TUBROK – Altogether 20 members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday demanded to hold a session to vote on a bill criminalizing the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

“We, along with people of Libya, have followed what the Head of the Higher Council of State Khalid al-Meshri described as resignation from the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, claiming that the group was unable to carry out the required revisions,” the statement said.

“Members of the House of Representatives and signatories to this statement call on the Speaker of House of Representatives to vote on a bill that criminalizes the Muslim Brotherhood group and considers it a prohibited terrorist group,” the statement added.

The 20 members said the group’s “support for terrorism is clear from the beginning, whether in Benghazi, Darna or elsewhere, materially, politically and media.”

The members pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood group led war on legitimacy since 2014 when it lost the democratic track through the elections, by igniting the “Libya Dawn” war in Tripoli, which caused killing and destruction and produced a parallel government supporting terrorism with Libyan state funds called “Government of National Salvation.”

Khalid al-Meshri, the head of Tripoli-based Higher Council of State that was appointed based on a UN-sponsored political agreement signed by the Libyan political factions, announced his resignation from the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday.

In a televised statement, al-Meshri said that his resignation was “based on national, intellectual and political requirements,” stressing the need for the Muslim Brotherhood to implement its revisions that were declared years ago.


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