LNA Battle in the South reached its third stage: LNA Spox

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The Battle in the Southern region is going according to a plan and an orders issued by the General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) and implemented through LNA operation rooms, and it has reached its third stage, which is cleansing the city of Sabha, said the Spokesman of LNA, General Brigadier Ahmed al-Mismari, on Wednesday in his weekly press briefing in Benghazi.

Fuel in Sabha is now at the official price and there are large amounts of additional fuel will reach the city of Sabha and its environs, al-Mismari added.

He said LNA has secured 90% of Libyan territories, adding, now we can say that Libya has returned to the bosom of international security and peace.

Military commanders in Libya’s western region support the army. The commander of the Military region of al-Zawiya, Brigadier General Mohammed al-Dahaysh, expressed his readiness to implement the orders of the General Command of LNA, al-Mismari noted out.

Speaking of terrorism, he said LNA arrested al-Qaeda terrorist, named Alamin Ali Kalfa in Derna. Kalfa is responsible for many assassinations of security officers, according to the Spokesman.

LNA is fighting terrorists backed by intelligence of foreign countries, al-Mismari added.


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