Number of cancer patients in Sirte increases as local nuclear scientists accuse NATO of using uranium in bombing the city in 2011

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SIRET – The Sirte Cancer Center is suffering from a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies, according to an investigative report published by Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper today.

The report pointed to the gathering of dozens of cancer patients on the doors of the Center in increasing numbers, especially children waiting for treatment. Directors of the Center confirmed that they are trying to provide medical services to hundreds of patients per week and according to available resources.

The Center stressed that the biggest challenges facing their work is the lack of places to accommodate the patients who they had to ask them to go back and return to their homes, which is difficult for them and some of them travel hundreds of kilometers to reach the center of Sirte Cancer Center.

The Center directors added that what they spend on treatments depends on what donors occasionally provide, who usually buy some medicines required by radiation therapy, chemical and surgical. The directors called for a helping hand to the center of Sirte Cancer.

On the other hand, local nuclear scientists accused NATO of using uranium in bombing the city in 2011. The researcher in the field of environmental pollution and radiation Dr. Nuri al-Daruqi attributed the increase in the incidence of cancer to the NATO air strikes that targeted Libya in 2011, as well as the presence of some uranium, which has not been handled so far in Camp 77.


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