Belgian Prince demands a compensation of €50 million from Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BRUSSELS – Prince Laurent of Belgium has sent a message to his country’s Prime Minister, Charles Michael, demanding for 50 million euros as damages from Libya.

Laurent protested that the Belgian authorities had never helped him to regain his money which he had paid through his nonprofit organization Global Sustainable Development Trust (GSDT) in Libya in 2008 concerning an unfinished reforestation project.

Last November, the Brussels Court of Appeal ordered Libya to pay GSDT over 30 million euros in damages following a unilateral breach of contract. With interest and legal costs, this payment stands at some 50 million euros.

Lourane said the lawyers of the organization tried to reach Libya’s frozen assets in Belgium in 2011, but they failed because they haven’t had a support from Belgian Government.

Belgian Prince wins his case against Libya


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