Conditions for Malta-Tripoli flights would be ‘observed’ by EU

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

VALLETTA – The resumption of scheduled Malta-Tripoli flights is possible despite sanctions imposed on Libya, although certain conditions would have to be observed, a European Commission official has told a Maltese newspaper.

According to Malta Independent Online, the Commission official also noted that while there was no need for Malta or Libya to notify it of these flights, all Libyan airlines were listed on the EU Air Safety List.

“The EU Air Safety List (ASL) – formerly referred to as the ‘EU blacklist’ – is a list of air carriers from non-EU countries which do not fulfil the necessary international safety standards. The carriers on the ASL are banned from operating to, in and from the EU.”

A spokesman for the Maltese Ministry of Tourism confirmed that developments along such lines are “expected in the coming months,” adding that “the resumption of scheduled flights to and from Libya are desired by both the Maltese and Libyan governments.”

“The Ministry for Tourism is currently in discussions with the authorities in Libya on the possible introduction of scheduled flights to and from Tripoli’s Mitiga airport. Various options are currently being considered and discussed with various operators.”


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