Najem: LNA operations in the south proved that it’s not a regional force, but a professional national army

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Dr. Faraj Najem, head of the Salam Center for Research and Decision-Making Support, said that the ongoing operations of the Libyan National Army in southern Libya have proven that the army is for all Libyans and that it is professional and disciplined, far from political and regional agendas.

“The operations of the army in the south put the UN mission to Libya in an embarrassing situation, and also embarrassed its government sitting in Tripoli and proved it to be completely powerless and useless.” He pointed out in an interview with The Libyan Address Journal.

“The military establishment has achieved a major victory by driving out gangs and militias, and we may see a Libyan solution on the horizon which could be much closer than we imagine,” Najem concluded.

The Libyan National Army led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar has launched a military operation in southern Libya to prevent illegal immigration, human trafficking, and organized crime run by militias and mercenaries.

Several municipal councils and tribal leaders from the south have announced their support for the army’s operations in their cities and towns including Sebha, Ghedwa, and Brak. Also, a number of armed groups in those areas have handed over the locations and institutions they controlled to the Libyan National Army.


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