A new French raid near the Libyan border with Chad

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

France announced that its warplane Mirage 2000, carried out on Wednesday, new air strikes on vehicles loaded with heavy weapons in northeastern Chad, the second air strike targeting armed vehicles coming from Libya.

The French Chief of Staff said in a statement that the air strikes were in coordination with the Chadian authorities, noting that it resulted in the injury of about 20 vehicles.

On the details of the military operation, the Chief of Staff noted that the drone which was “Reaper” had taken over the task of providing support for the Mirage 2000 fighters that carried out the operation.

It is noteworthy that the “Mirage” fighter of the French army had carried out an air strike on targets of northern Chad, last Monday, targeting a convoy of 40 vehicles of an armed group that crossed the border of Chad fleeing Libya.

The Libyan National Army spokesman, Brigadier General Ahmad al-Mesmari, said that militias fled from southern Libya through desert areas to Chad under the pressure of the national army operation in the south that began last month.


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