(DETAILED) Khoms seaport closed to prevent unloading of seized military vehicles

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

KHOMS – The gates of Khoms seaport was closed on Thursday by the use of containers to prevent the unloading of seized military vehicles which came from Turkey on Tuesday.

Sources reported that a shooting has taken place at the gate to unload the vehicles by force.

A ship carrying military armored vehicles equipped with missile and mine protection systems arrived at the seaport of Khoms from Turkey on Tuesday.

Although the shipment has no official documents, Interior Minister of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha, claimed that he requested the shipment of the vehicles from Turkey. In a letter sent to the customs of Khoms seaport yesterday, he stated that the shipment is part of Turkey’s support for his ministry.

Last December, the port of Khoms received military shipments arriving from Turkey, where the authorities of the port of Khoms maritime seized weapons and ammunition.

Since 2011, the United Nations has imposed an arms embargo on the sale and transfer of arms to Libya, but several reports have indicated that armed and terrorist militias received shipments of arms and ammunition, particularly from Turkey and Qatar.

Exclusive: Turkish military vehicles equipped with protection systems arrive at Khoms seaport, sources


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