(VIDEO) Libyan Parliament Member frustrates propaganda campaign by State Council Head from Washington

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

WASHINGTON, D.C – Libya’s crisis lies in the militias that have been supported by several countries and paid for, and some have promised me of finance if I establish a militia, said the member of the Libyan Parliament (HoR), Ali al-Tekbali, in a speech to a conference held by the TransAtlantic group in Washington, D.C.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB), who support such militias and claim that they advocate democracy, try to use religion to serve their agendas, and this is the reason I have stood against this group from the beginning, he said.

He told the audience a story of accusing him of blasphemy on the Prophet Mohammed, and trying to involve him in three counts lead to execution. He revealed to the audience an image of a puppet representing him hanging in al-Shuhada Square in Tripoli, while Mr. Khalid al-Mishri, the Head of the Tripoli-based State Council, and who said recently he resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood Group, and the Mufti , Sadik al-Ghariani, and others were cheering, al-Tekbali explained.

How can you resign from a group or party that has no presence in Libya? Did you resign to the leadership of your organization in Qatar, Turkey or Egypt? al-Tekbali said, referring to al-Mishri’s resignation, he noted out.

Since 2011 and when the Libyan youth were in the streets protesting against Ghaddafi’s regime, the Muslim Brotherhood were trying from behind the scenes to control the state, and this is what happened today. They control the Central Bank of Libya and investment institutions, the Parliament Member added.

He expressed his surprise and ridicule from the statements of the State Council, in which it claimed that the American Congress invited al-Mishri to attend a breakfast with President Trump.


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