Secolo d’Italia: Al-Sarraj is now scared and screams “Haftar is coming”

The Address | Benghazi  – Libya

ROME – The puppet premier of Libya, Fayez al-Sarraj, is really scared now. The Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord denounced an intervention of forces of General Khalifa Haftar in the southwest of Libya.

The news portal the Libyan Address reported a “warning raid” to block an aircraft near the El Feel oil field. According to the same news site, a statement from the Council, led by Fayez al-Sarraj, claimed that there were injured people on board the aircraft that were to be transported to Tripoli. The Government of National Accord threatened to report what happened to the UN Security Council.

In the last hours, the Libyan led by General Haftar have in fact carried out a “warning raid” to block an aircraft near the El Feel oil field, in the south-west of Libya. Al-Haddath TV reported targets were hit near the field, stating that no damage was recorded at the site.

Yesterday, Haftar forces imposed a ban on flying in the skies of southern Libya. Meanwhile, the forces of General Haftar in Fezzan hit one of the three groups of Chadian mercenaries still operating in Libya. These are militiamen who have no connection with the Chadian government and both are on diametrically opposite positions. It was not for nothing that a similar group was struck, in northern Chad, by French aircraft two days earlier, with the full support of the Government of Chad.

The “premier” Al-Sarraj had been presented as a third force with respect to the militias of Tripolitania and those of the Libyan National Army. Now he has thrown the mask because he has named a character like Ali Kanna, one of the heads of the Tuareg militia, as head of the Tripoli forces in Fezzan, which Haftar’s forces are taking control of it. There have already been the first clashes and the first victims.
It is clear to everyone by now that al-Sarraj represents only the militias of Tripoli, nothing more, and at this point, seeing how he has sided, he can not declare himself “neutral”. Given the turnaround in operations, he risks losing his place because now most of the oil and gas wells are controlled by Haftar’s units. It would also be time for Italy, for too long a sponsor of Haftar thanks to the Gentiloni government, to realize the situation.
In short, we did not exactly get it when deciding to support al-Sarraj in Libya. The forces of the Libyan National Army, reinforced by its allies (Egypt, France and Russia as well as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates), are advancing significantly, taking control of large areas of the country, including oil and gas wells. If they reunite with their allies in the west of Tripoli, the capital will not be able to last long because Misurata, in which LNA has a slight military weight, will be called out.
Italy has followed Eni’s indications to protect its energy sources and the starting points of the pipeline for Italy, siding with Tripoli and committing a serious mistake by neglecting Haftar. Italy was also clouded by the illusion that Tripoli (paid and supplied with naval units), blocked certain flows.
The reality on the field is clear: without oil and gas from the hinterland, the militias of Tripoli (including some fundamentalists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood) will have a very short life. Libya must be absolutely stabilized in the interests of the Libyans but also ours. How to achieve this result? Complex but not impossible. Certainly we must change politics otherwise we would be displaced and excluded from the (cheap) games that count. We have supported al-Sarraj but he has no strength of his own and is now hostage to those who roam Tripoli in arms.
(Secolo d’Italia)

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