French Chad raid record: 250 “terrorists” arrested including 4 chiefs, official

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

N’Djamena | The General Staff of the Chadian armed forces has released the results of the air raids jointly conducted by the Chadian and French air force against the “terrorist” column that tried to raid Chadian territory.

According to the spokesman of the army, colonel Azem Bermendoa Agouna, about forty vehicles were destroyed; 18 vehicles recovered including 16 equipped with heavy weapons; hundreds of small arms seized; a significant amount of weapons and ammunition of any caliber seized; more than “250 terrorists” captured including four main leaders; several compromising documents were seized.

According to the statement of the Chadian army staff, the raking continues ” to pick the lost terrorists”.

The army claims to have recorded no human and material loss on its side


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