Activists to file a complaint to the Attorney General against PC on charges of “misleading public opinion”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The group “Sons of Libya” issued a statement on Sunday evening condemning the statement issued on Saturday by the Presidential Council (PC) on the warning bombing launched by an army fighter in the dirt area adjacent to the El Feel Oilfield.

In the statement, the group said that the PC president Fayez Al-Sarraj deliberately mislead the Libyans and the international community with the PC statement, in which he claimed the physical damage to the field infrastructure of the bombing, which was denied by Lieutenant General Ali Kannah of the PC himself.

The 40-member group considered the statement as a communication to the Attorney General urging him to reveal all the facts concerning the Chadian opposition gangs in Libya, especially that he was arresting their defense minister in Tripoli.

The activists called for an investigation into what they considered to be a deliberate obstruction of the army’s work to eliminate the militants and outlaws in the south. They also called on the Attorney General to investigate the beneficiaries of this obstruction before the Libyan people, especially after the recent confessions of some Chadian militant leaders detained by the Chadian authorities after they fled Libya after the Libyan National Army in the south.


The names of the complainants are:


  1. Aref Ali Nayed
  2. Ali Mohamed Yahya Al Rokaiy
  3. Abu Bakr Mohammed Armila
  4. Al-Mabrouk Sultan
  5. Laila Abuseif Yassin
  6. Mohamed Mostafa Arish
  7. Ali Hamouda Hassan
  8. Issam Saleh Al Tajouri
  9. Mohamed Saad El Barghouti
  10. Abdullah Mohammed Al – Rabbo
  11. Ahmed Mohamed Fetouri
  12. Abdul Salam Naji Karim
  13. Mohamed Ahmed Deira
  14. Fawzi Mohammed Al-Ghanai
  15. Abdul Ghani Hassan Al-Ureybi
  16. Marai Ageila Shurabat
  17. Mohamed Mokhtar El-Ghanay
  18. Suad Sultan
  19. Nasreen Abu Bakr Oreibi
  20. Sulaiman Saad Al-Shahoumi
  21. Faraj Al-sayeh
  22. Ahmed Juha
  23. Mohamed Saad
  24. Mohamed Salem
  25. Ali Ahmed Hamali
  26. Ali Mohamed Salih
  27. Abdul Fattah Mohammed Al Barbar
  28. Abdul Salam Rajab Folfel
  29. Amal Abdul Rahman Al-Warfali
  30. Khaled Adranbeh
  31. Amran Ashour Zwaid
  32. Wael Baraka
  33. Abdulrahim Al-Janjan
  34. Tariq Mohammed al-Kish
  35. Althawi Almontaser
  36. Ali Abu Bakr
  37. Amal Jaloul
  38. Mohamed Eltaher Abrnica
  39. Mohamed Tawfik Ghoneim
  40. Waleed Al Arabi

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