VIDEO: Captain of the Libyan Airlines plane details the transfer of wounded from El Feel Oilfield

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TAMANHINT – The captain of the Libyan Airlines plane said that they learned after boarding the trip destination was changed after it was scheduled to fly to Ghat Airport.

The planed landed on the runway of the El Feel Oilfield on Saturday and was intended to transport wounded from the forces opposed to the Libyan National Army along with the transfer of Lieutenant General Ali Kannah, although it was warned by the Libyan Air Force.

The plane’s captain confirmed that the crew did not know that there Kannah was on aboard.

The captain, who met with Maj. Gen. Abdel-Salam Al-Hassi, and Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Manfour, Commander of the Air Force Operations Headquarters, denied the authenticity of what was said about the targeting of the aircraft, on Saturday, by the LNA Air Force, and carrying civilians in the south-west, noting that they received only warnings from them.

He confirmed that the warning strikes by the air force were about 5 kilometers from the El Feel airport runway and outside the field fence.

He also confirmed that, after landing on the runway, they learned that there was no permit to land or fly in the airspace prohibited by the armed forces.

The captain paid tribute to the armed forces for providing all services to the crew of the plane, after landing at an airport at the request of the air force, after taking off from the El Feel field.


Video from LNA Military Information Division:


Another video shows the moment the LNA Air Force intercepts the plane and forces it to land at the Tamanhiant Airbase:


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