UK Amb to Libya: UK rejects presidential elections and accepts parliamentary one with keeping the PC

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Ezzeldin Quireb, the House of Representatives member, revealed on Monday the details of British Ambassador Frank Becker’s visit to Tobruk and his meeting with some deputies, stressing that it was done at the request of the ambassador and his desire to meet HoR members.

“The meeting focused on the idea of holding the parliamentary elections only without the presidential one as the most important outputs that will result from the upcoming national conference,” Quireb said in a statement.

Quireb quoted the British ambassador as saying that this should be done to renew the legitimacy of the state parliament. He added: “as I personally understand it, UNSMIL has so far mobilized the voices of eight influential countries in the Libyan scene in order to push in this direction and ensured its agreement to satisfy the voices of thousands of Libyans demanding elections.”

Quireb affirmed that, as planned, the next parliament will have no role at the level of choosing a unified executive authority. It is only required to provide cover for the transitional constitutional process as an embodiment of what the ambassador says is the desire of the Libyans to make a change in the level of the legislative authority, with the continuation of the current presidential council, retaining its presidential powers until reaching a permanent constitution and holding permanent elections.


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