Chadian opposition confirms clashes with LNA in Murzuq

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MURZUQ – The so-called Chadian National Commission of Popular Revolution (CTRP), acknowledged that its fighters are clashing with the Libyan National Army (LNA) in Murzuq, thus confirming the news that LNA has entered Murzuq.

CTRP claimed on Facebook that LNA is “targeting civilians.”

CTRP, which is a faction of Chadian armed opposition, accused what it described as “Haftar’s Air Force” of targeting civilians, stating on Facebook, “Haftar’s Air Force launches indiscriminate raids in Murzuq, targeting unarmed civilians amid a ground attack.”

CTRP denied that LNA entered Murzuq, saying that clashes still continue in the town’s outskirts.

LNA launched a military campaign on Wednesday to liberate Murzuq. LNA’s Al-Karamah Operations Room stated that the army has indeed entered Murzuq and took control of it.


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