Hamas condemns ‘torture, injustice’ against Palestinians jailed in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GAZA – Hamas on Monday condemned the sentencing of four Palestinians in Libya to prison terms ranging from 17 to 22 years for alleged links to the Gaza-based armed group.

“The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) condemns the unfair “sentences issued by a Libyan court in Tripoli against the brothers Marwan Abdel Qader Al-Ashqar, his son Baraa, Mu’ayyad Jamal Abed and Naseeb Mohammad Shouqair, as they are guests of Libya, its people and leadership,” the statement read.

The statement goes on to say that “brother Marwan” has been living in Libya since 1989 and “he and his associates have never interfered with any of Libya’s internal affairs.”

“We in Hamas have been silent for a long time, despite the torture and injustice inflicted on these brothers. We have continued with many parties in the hope that there will be a solution to this issue, but we have been surprised by these unjust sentences,” the Islamist group said.

A Tripoli court on Wednesday handed down sentences to the four defendants who stood accused of “setting up a secret foreign organization on Libyan territory, arms possession and conspiring against state security.”

The Palestinians were arrested from the Libyan capital in October 2016.


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