Libyan channel fails to seduce LFF’s President into granting it broadcasting rights

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Sources inside Libya Al Ahrar TV channel revealed that the director of the channel, Sulaiman Douga, had tried to communicate with Abdulhakim Al-Shalmani, president of the Libyan Football Federation (LFF), and invited him to visit the channel’s headquarters in Istanbul this week.

This invitation came in order for Douga to hold a meeting between Al-Shalmani and some leading figures of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood. Douga and the Brotherhood members wanted to convince Al-Shalmani of granting the broadcasting rights of the Libyan Premier League to the Turkey-based channel.

The broadcasting rights of the Libyan Premier League currently belongs to the state-owned Libyan Sports channel.

Douga offered that the Presidential Council would pay for LFF’s contract, which is estimated at four million Libyan dinars, while Douga pays six million Libyan dinars for acquiring the broadcasting rights.

A source told The Address that Al-Shalmani rejected the invitation to visit the Turkey-based channel even though Douga offered him a luxurious accommodation and a large reward for his visit.

In order to mislead public opinion, Douga also offered to cover the true purpose of Al-Shalmani’s visit under the justification that he will host a sports program in the channel.

Libya Al Ahrar TV failed to broadcast matches of the Libyan Premier League due to strong rejection by institutions in Libya’s eastern region, which view the Turkey-based channel as a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and armed groups.

Libya Al Ahrar TV  has lost a large percentage of its viewers this year as it failed to obtain broadcasting rights of the Libyan Premier League this season.


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