Germany contributes €15 million more to the Stabilization Facility for Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Germany pledged on Tuesday to increase its contribution to the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) with an additional €15 million.

In an event that took place at the Tripoli-based Ministry of Planning, the Ambassador of Germany to Libya, Oliver Owcza, and UNDP Resident Representative, Sultan Hajiyev, signed an agreement which brings Germany’s contribution to SFL to €28.5 million (US$32.6 million).

“Unity of the country, strong and accountable institutions as well as economic recovery are important objectives towards stabilization in which Germany supports our Libyan partners.” Owcza said during the ceremony.

For his part, Hajiyev said that he is “grateful” to Germany for its “generous financial support enabling us to serve the people of Libya at this difficult time.”

The Stabilization Facility for Libya, which recently relaunched as Stronger for Libya, aims toenhance the capacities of national institutions to deliver services to citizens,” according to a statement by UNDP. “It gives an effective voice to women and youth and ensures that local strategies contribute to a more stable Libya.”

Germany helped establish the Facility in 2016 and has been its leading contributor ever since. This recent financial boost will support new stabilization initiatives being developed in Ubari, Sirt, Sabha and Tawergha among other locations.


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