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More than 150 containers of goods arrived at Benghazi Seaport

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Benghazi Seaport administration announced on Tuesday the entry of the container ship “Letatia” with 159 containers loaded with different types of goods. Before “Letatia”, the ship  “Astlantec Silver” was also unloaded after carrying 114 containers.

The Seaport administration also announced the entry of the ship, “Grand New York,” carrying 439 cars on board.

Another ship named “Lady” left the port of Benghazi after unloading 274 containers of goods inside the port.

It is noteworthy that the port received during the last week 3 commercial ships coming from the European and Asian marketsز It is expected that the port will receive more ships in the coming weeks after the recovery of trade and economic movement in Libya’s second largest city and the most stable cities in Libya.


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