EU could review financial support to Libya over abuses against migrants

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – The European Union could review its financial support to Libya over abuses against migrants in various detention centers in the country, Antonio Panzeri, a member of the European Parliament, told reporters on Friday.

“In Libya there is a dramatic situation for migrants that, I believe, will lead us to make a complete assessment of the financing to Libya itself,” said Panzeri, who is also the president of the EU Sub-Commission for Human Rights.

Panzeri stressed that EU’s money for Libya “can not and should not” be used to abuse migrants.

“In Libya, there is an ungovernable situation and migrants are being held in horrible conditions, I would say even criminal.” He said.

“A few immigrants we have met have confirmed that the situation there is dramatic. They live in camps and are subject to constant harassment and violence. We can not only outsource the problems but we must evaluate them together.” Panzeri explained.

“If the situation continues we will ask for a new evaluation of the funding.” He concluded.


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