Passenger caught with undeclared cash & expired visa as he was about to leave Malta for Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

VALLETTA – A passenger leaving for Libya was caught with undeclared cash and an expired visa as he was preparing to board a flight out of Malta on Saturday.

According to Times of Malta, the man was leaving for Tripoli, in a flight to Mitiga Airport, when anti-money laundering officials who were screening passengers at the airport’s departure lounge had their suspicions raised.

When asked how much cash he was carrying, the man first said €10,000 before quickly changing his answer to US$6,000.

That led to a search of the passenger and his belongings, with Customs officials finding a total of €18,903. He was also found to be overstaying his period in Malta, with his visa having expired earlier in February.

€10,000 of the cash – the legal limit – was returned to the man, who was placed under arrest and will be arraigned in the coming days. The rest of the money was seized by Customs.


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