Italian rear admiral says smugglers in Libya prepare “a new invasion of immigrants”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Director of Italy’s Center for Defense Innovation (CID), Rear Admiral Nicola de Felice, said on Saturday that “the arrival of warm weather encourages smugglers to resume their ignoble and lucrative trafficking in human beings.”

“The national organization for the crisis in Libya must be activated before any other tragedy occurs at sea,” said De Felice, who was speaking during an interview with Italian journalist, Giampiero Cannella, at the headquarters of Italian right-wing think tank Fondazione Farefuturo (FareFuturo) in Rome.

 “The occurrence of a renewed flow of illegal migration by sea from Libya and Tunisia in the coming months is very likely,” De Felice stated before adding, “good weather and the calm sea – as well as the worsening instability of the situation in Libya – will urge human traffickers to renew their intentions by restarting – as a consequence – the ignoble slave market”.

“The political, social, economic and humanitarian conditions in that geographical area are now unacceptable.” he said. “We are facing a threat to Italian and even international interests. Libya, in particular, is not able to guarantee on its own the institutional functions of a state organization”.


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