Benghazi Security Directorate: Security situation is near excellent in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Brigadier General Adel Abdul Aziz, the director of Benghazi Security Directorate, said that security conditions are currently near excellent and improved to 80 percent. He pointed out that the security situation in the rest of the Cyrenaica region of Libya is excellent at 90 percent.

During a meeting with the Libya Crisis Group expert Claudia Gazzini on Wednesday, Brigadier Abdul Aziz said that there were some shortcomings by the interim government because of the financial circumstances and the lack of recognition by the international community.

Abdul Aziz added that “there are shortcomings in some advanced devices in fingerprinting, counterfeiting, forgery, explosive detection, and defusion devices, as well as devices to analysis and detect drugs types». He stressed that the lack of recognition by the international community of the Interim Government did not help the government bodies to provide basic needs for people who reside on a geographical area covering two-thirds of Libya’s territory.


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