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NOC unveils comprehensive environmental study for Al-Wahat District

The Address – Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) presented on Wednesday at the Higher Institute of Energy (HIE) in Jikharra, the findings of a twenty-month comprehensive environmental study of Al-Wahat District to local residents.

According to a statement by NOC, the study includes allaying fears regarding the level of pollution while identifying areas of concern and remediation where appropriate. The study, undertaken in association with the Libyan Environment General Authority, included geological, hydrological and air quality assessments, in addition to a study of the characteristics of ground and ‘associated’ water.

“This study was undertaken in direct response to concerns from the local community. While the vast majority of environmental risks have existed for a long time, study recommendations will help deliver cleaner air and water for residents. NOC will continue to support ‘quality of life’ initiatives in the area as part of its sustainable development programs implemented in areas adjacent to its operations.” stated Khaled Bukhtwa, general manager of NOC’s General Department of Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development.


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