Libyan MPs testify before Belgian lawmakers over the country’s frozen funds

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BRUSSELS – Libyan members of the House of Representatives testified on Friday afternoon before the Finance Committee of Belgian parliament over the case of Libya’s frozen funds in Belgian banks, Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported.

Chairman of Libya’s House Finance Committee Omar Tantush, chairman of Libya’s House External Relations Committee Yousef Alagouri, as well as former Libya’s ambassador to Brussels Murad Hamaima told the Belgian committee that one hundred million euros of Libya’s funds have been used to pay Belgian companies.

Ahead of the testimony of Libya’s officials, the Belgian Foreign Ministry provided documents on Thursday evening at the request of the Prime Minister Charles Michel.

According to the documents, Belgium requested authorization, in September 2011, from the UN Sanctions Committee to unfreeze this sum, 100 million euros, for humanitarian reasons, in accordance with Security Council resolutions.

Questioned by the panel of experts of the United Nations Sanctions Committee, Belgium requested confidentiality on the use of these funds, and its request was granted. The UN Sanctions Committee agreed to allow Belgium to unfreeze that amount.

“The money belongs to the Libyan people,” said Alagouri who, along with his colleagues, told the Belgian committee that they still believe that Libya’s funds must remain in Belgium to avoid any abuse, until Libya has a constitution and a stable government.

Documents reveal that Belgium raised ‘liberating’ Libyan funds as it sought cash for companies


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