Italian journalist: We’ve invented an authority that doesn’t exist in Libya, Al-Sarraj is a feint

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Founder and director of Italian magazine Limes, Lucio Caracciolo, said during a media statement on Thursday that Italy invented an authority that does not exist in Libya, in a reference to the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), which Caracciolo described its Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj as a “feint”.

In an interview with Italian TV channel Piazzapulita, Caracciolo discussed the migration crisis in the Mediterranean sea and criticized the response of the Italian government and GNA.

“In Libya historically,” Caracciolo stated, “there is a fundamental racism, a great distinction between Arabs and blacks.”

Caracciolo also criticized the policies of Giuseppe Conte’s government regarding bringing rescued migrants to Libya before deporting them to their countries.

“Let us help them at home is a way of saying: let’s help them not come to our house,” he said.

The European Union supports the Libyan Coast Guard of GNA which intercepts people at sea and forces them back to Libya. Human rights organizations do not consider Libya to be a safe harbor for migrants. Reports by the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch documented severe abuses against migrants in detention centers, including rape and torture.


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