Crime rate significantly decreased in Benghazi, security official confirms

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The head of the information office in Benghazi Security Directorate, Captain Ahmad Al-Mesmari, said that crime rate has significantly decreased in the city of Benghazi following the activation of several security units and department in the Directorate. This also comes after the launching of the security plan number four, by the Interior Minister Chancellor Mustafa Bushnaf to secure the city, he added.

Al-Massmari confirmed the decrease in the rate of crime, especially in armed robberies, adding that the Directorate has not recorded any armed robberies for three months. He pointed out that the Department of Criminal Investigation, Rescue and Public Inquiries at the Directorate have arrested several armed gangs that used to hinder security in the city through armed robbery.

He called on all journalists and media professionals to draw information from their sources, pointing out that the crime rate has decreased according to statistics prepared by the Criminal Statistics Unit of the Directorate of Security Benghazi.


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