Amnesty International addresses human rights situation in Libya to UN HRC

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – In this oral statement, delivered during the Item 10 General Debate at the 40th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), Amnesty International addressed the human rights situation in Libya.

Addressing the President of the Council, Amnesty International said: Libya is in an ongoing state of armed conflict and crisis. Militias, armed groups and security forces commit serious violations, including war crimes, with total impunity. Abductions, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detention, torture and attacks on civilian property continue.

Thousands of refugees and migrants face automatic and indefinite detention, torture, extortion and sexual violence. Indiscriminate shelling is killing and injuring civilians and destroying vital infrastructure; almost two hundred thousand remain internally displaced. The Libyan justice system is broken.
Meanwhile in the Mediterranean Sea, European support has enabled the Libyan Coast Guard to intercept boats and return thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants to Libya where they are unlawfully detained, tortured, raped and extorted.

We have repeatedly called on this Council to do more to promote justice and accountability in Libya, which are desperately needed to address the scale and gravity of ongoing human rights violations. We are deeply disappointed that the resolution tabled under Item 10 this session lacks any meaningful accountability mechanism or mandate. Once again, we urge the Libyan authorities, other governments, as well as this Council to do more to end impunity in Libya


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