Protesters in Benghazi demand general elections and condemn rule of militias

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Civil society organizations, activists, and elders, from Benghazi, took part in a protest on Friday in El-Kish square in the city center, demanding general elections to be held as soon as possible, condemning the rule of militias in Tripoli, and supporting of the Libyan National Army.


“Elections are a popular demand” sign raised by a protester in Benghazi on Friday.

the demonstrators raised anti-militias slogans such as “Elections are a popular demand,” “We reject the rule of the organized crime gangs governing Tripoli,” “The Presidential Council is installed by foreign countries to serve their interests, not the Libyans’,” and “al-Sarraj and Islamic extremists do not represent us.”

The demonstrations came after the Libyan National Army secured control over the cities and towns of southern Libya after they were for years under the control of militias and human trafficking groups.


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