Protests in Sorman, Riqdalin, and Zulten cities calling for elections and supporting the LNA

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

WESTERN LIBYA – Protesters took to the streets yesterday in the cities of Sorman, Riqdalin, and Zulten, west of Tripoli, with the participation of various civil society organizations in the Western region.

The protesters demanded holding of presidential and parliamentary elections and the departure of all political bodies that have expired.

They also reiterated their support for the Libyan National Army and demanded the disarmament of militias and outlaws.
The protests coincided with other protests in Benghazi and a number of Libyan cities and towns calling for holding presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya to break the political stalemate in the country.

Protesters in Benghazi demand general elections and condemn rule of militias


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