Takbali: LNA entry into Tripoli is the only solution if the National Conference fails

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Member of the House of Representatives Ali al-Takbali said that if it is found that the participants in the National Forum to be organized by the UN mission are the same people who brought Libya to what it is suffering now, then this will be evidence of the Conference failure.

Ali al-Takbali, who is an elected representative of Tripoli in the House of Representatives, pointed out that the only solution in the case of the Conference failure will be the Libyan National Army.

Takbali said on Monday that security will not be achieved in Libya unless the LNA enters Tripoli to maintain security before going to elections. He stressed that parliamentary and presidential elections are a popular demand that cannot be waived.

It is noteworthy that the UN mission to Libya is preparing to organize the Libyan National Conference in Ghadames in south-west Libya in mid-April.


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