Authorities in Tobruk thwart an attempt to smuggle 60 illegal migrants

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – The 409th Brigade of the 73rd Infantry Brigade on Wednesday thwarted an attempt to smuggle 60 illegal migrants while patrolling in the south of Tobruk, 150 km of Jaghbub road.

Colonel Idris Miftah Al-Menefi, an official of the Department of Combating Illegal Migration, said that the arrested migrants are all Egyptians.

According to Al-Menefi, the migrants agreed with smugglers to get them to an area near Ajdabiya and onward to Tripoli. In exchange, the migrants would pay about 4,000 Libyan Dinars during every stopping point.

The Department of Combating Illegal Migration will be taking necessary legal procedures ahead of deporting the migrants to their country, Al-Menefi said.


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