How son of Libyan Ambassador died in Jordan

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AMMAN – Jordanian Officials on Wednesday said the cause of death of the son of Libya’s ambassador to Jordan in Amman earlier in the day stemmed from a “self-inflicted gunshot” wound.

Police Spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi said on Wednesday that investigators had found the body of an Arab national near the Abdoun tunnel.

Sartawi refused to elaborate on the incident when contacted by The Jordan Times and said it was being investigated.

However, a senior official said the body of the young man, who was in his twenties, was found lying in an open field in Abdoun. The young man was later identified as H. M., who was the son of the Libyan ambassador to Jordan.

“Preliminary investigations indicated that the victim shot himself and there is no foul play. A gun was found beneath him,” the senior official said.

A post-mortem conducted at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine by pathologists Raed Moamni, Issa Gheishan and Ahmad Freihat indicated that the victim had died of a single bullet wound to the head, a senior medical source said.

“The victim died from a bullet that penetrated the right side of his head at close range,” the medical source said.

The criminal lab experts took swabs from the victim’s hands as well as blood and tissue samples for further analysis, the medical source added.

“The gun retrieved at the scene was also taken by the criminal lab experts for ballistic matching,” according to the medical source.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Spokesperson Sufian Qudah on Wednesday said the Jordanian government extends its deepest condolences over the passing of the Libyan ambassador’s son “following an unfortunate incident”

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