UK Parliament rejects all alternative Brexit plans (again)

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

UK lawmakers failed once again to find any way out of the Brexit deadlock after parliament rejected a series of alternatives to Theresa May’s withdrawal deal.

None of the four options on the non-binding ballot, which included a confirmatory referendum and remaining in the European Union’s single market, gained a majority on Monday.

The second or confirmatory referendum proposal had the most support among parliamentarians, with 280 votes.
But there were also fewer votes cast on all of the alternative Brexit options, with several abstentions. A plan for a customs union came within just three votes of a majority.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay reminded parliament that the default position was Britain crashing out of the EU on April 12 without a deal. He added that cabinet would decide how to move forward on Tuesday when they are expected to meet for a five-hour session.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a third round of indicative votes on Wednesday to break the impasse. He also admitted in being “disappointed” that all four options failed.

The stalemate comes after May’s deal was rejected three times. Even so, none of Monday’s so-called indicative votes got more support than the government’s Withdrawal Agreement did on Friday.


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