BREAKING: LNAAF Command Manfour: We repeatedly tried to avoid bombing targets at the Mitiga Air Base, but militia there forced us to deal with them in the language that they only understand

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Maj. Gen. Mohamed al-Manfour, commander of the Air Force’s Operations Room in the Libyan National Army, said that the Libyan Air Force had repeatedly tried to avoid bombing targets at the Mitiga Air Base in Tripoli, but the militia crimes there forced them to deal with them in a language that they only understand.

Al-Manfour, in an interview with The Libyan Address Journal today, said that information was received that individuals at the Mitiga Air Base were preparing a military aircraft to target the forces of the National Army.

He added that “the Air Force had tried to avoid targeting any air force at the base, where several warnings had been directed at them, but some had chosen to operate under the command of militias led by internationally wanted persons. So now they have to face the consequences of their actions.”

“We can put the Mitiga Air Base completely out of service or so any other base, but we abide by the instructions of the LNA General Commander on taking into account the interests of civilians, passengers, patients and students after the militias burned Tripoli International Airport in 2014,” Al-Manfour added.




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