Italy’s Defense Minister acknowledges presence of Italian forces in Misurata

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Italy’s Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta acknowledged on Friday the presence of Italian forces in both Tripoli and Misurata.

“We hope today, more than ever before, that all NATO countries and the EU will assume greater responsibility, not only in the depth of the Libyan file,” but also “on all issues related to the stability and security of the Mediterranean region,” said Trenta during a security conference in Rome.

“We are following in these hours, with great concern the development of the situation in the country, with its heavy toll of civilian and military casualties.”

“Our fear is due to the presence of many of our citizens” in Libya, she added, as well as “the possibility that the field commitment that has been made so far by the international community due to the current events” will disappear, noting that “Italy’s presence in Libya goes back a long time.”

“Today more than ever before, I feel it is my duty to express the full closeness of all Italians, from the Ministry of Defense and Government, who are in Libya,” where there is “a military unit of about 400 elements in total.”

“There is also in Tripoli, a mobile team specialized in training and providing technical and infrastructure support to the Libyan security forces.” She said. “Misurata has the Pinerolo Brigade in a hospital dedicated to health care activities”.


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