video | Airstrike from Misurata airbase where Italian troops are based kills 2 migrants in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

This morning, a Libyan fighter jet took off from Misrata’s airbase, where Italian forces are based, and carried out various airstrikes in the Ain Zara neighborhood south of Tripoli.

Video footage showed the aftermath of the airstrike where two African migran workerts were killed, parts of their bodies could be seen at the site.

A warehouse owned by Al-Dawahy, a Libyan catering company, was also destroyed.

‏The airstrike also resulted in the damage of a number of homes in the neighborhood.

For the eighth consecutive day, Misrata’s air force carried out airstrikes, destroying civilian facilities, the latest of which was the destruction of three residential homes in Suq al-Khamis Emsahil, southeast of Tripoli, on the road to Tarhouna, resulting in the injuries among several families.




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