AGC News: US aircraft filmed the bombing of Abu Slim in Tripoli; GNA militias are responsible

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TRIPOLI – A United States aircraft has filmed the bombing of the residential neighborhood of Abu Slim in Tripoli in April 16-17, revealing that the militias of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) are the ones responsible, AGC New websites reported today.

Abu Slim neighborhood was hit with heavy shelling overnight on April 16 and resulted in scores of civilian deaths and injuries.

GNA and its aligned militias quickly pointed the finger at the Libyan National Army (LNA). LNA denied such accusation and affirmed its full commitment to the safety of civilians.

European news website AGC News reported today that it was in fact GNA militias who bombed Abu Slim neighborhood that night, citing a report by CNN.

An American plane monitored the sources of the rockets that hit Abu Slim, confirming it was GNA militias, according to AGC News.

AGC News also said that a video of activists from the affected areas of Tripoli is also posted, showing how the rockets were fired from inside the city.

“An unconfirmed report indicates that Mohammed Bawka Rafiq, Haitham Tajouri and Al Zayqra, leader of the BRT, would be seen at the Mitiga airport in the direction of Turkey at night. Subsequently, the arrival in Turkey by private plane of Al Zayqra and Mohamed Bawka is confirmed. So Tajouri would remain in Tripoli for now. About the Mitiga airport, we learn that GNA aircraft took off from the airport to bomb the LNA in Tripoli. This confirms that the LNA air strikes on the structure were justified,” reported AGC News.

Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Ghassan Salamé, had issued a statement condemning “in the strongest terms” the heavy shelling on residential neighborhood of Abu Slim in Tripoli.

Salamé stressed that “liability for such actions lies not only with the individuals who committed the indiscriminate attacks, but also potentially with those who ordered them”.


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