(VIDEO) LNA Spokesman: Foreign soldiers fight alongside GNA militias in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Spokesman of the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA), General Brigadier Ahmed al-Mesmari, has aired a video during his press conference today confirming the presence of foreign soldiers fighting alongside militias of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

Al-Mesmari said that those foreign soldiers, who include snipers, belong to the commandos and are equipped with advanced technologies.

The LNA spokesman warned that foreign fighters captured by LNA will be treated as terrorists.

In April 4, LNA launched a military operation to eliminate militias and terrorist groups which dominated the capital since 2011. International powers such as the United States, France and Russia have voiced their support for LNA’s operation.


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