1st International Conference on English concluded in Al-Bayda, eastern Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya | Faraj Aljarih

The first International Conference on Reality of Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language in Expanding Circle Countries was concluded after it has been held at the University of Omar Al-Mukhtar in the Libyan city of al-Bayda from 20 to 25 of April.

During the conference, several papers on English language teaching and learning, as well as on English-Arabic translation, and linguistics were presented.

Participants in the conference represented several Libyan cities and towns, and they came from various local and international universities and educational institutions. There were also key speakers from the U.S., South Korea, and Bahrain.

Head of the conference scientific committee, professor Youssif Zaghwani Omar, from the University of Benghazi, said that his committee managed twelve sessions with sixty-one scientific papers.

“What I saw at the conference was more than wonderful, thanks to the participants’ cooperation and their seriousness in enriching the conference discussions,” Dr. Omar told a group of participants.

Dr. Youssif Zaghwani Omar announcing the opening of the conference and presenting his paper “Psycholinguistic Views on Language and Thought.”

Omima Ahmed Al-Mahdawi, who is a lecturer at the University of Tripoli English Department, came with her family by land from Tripoli to al-Bayda on a trip that exceeded more than 1200km. They safely made it through dangerous areas of ongoing clashes in and around Tripoli.

She told The Libyan Address Journal that she was pleased to have the opportunity to visit the east of Libya.
“Academically, this conference has opened my eyes to many education-related issues, and I have learned a lot from the valuable, educational, and informative presentations from my qualified colleagues,” said al-Mahdawi.

“This event is very important because it allows us to meet colleagues from different universities, and this is a bonding experience for us to learn from each other and share experiences and ideas in this field,” added al-Mahdawi who also chaired one of the sessions at the Conference.

“We really need such events in Libya that help us improve ourselves, and I think that attending and participating in such conferences and workshops is professional development, and an opportunity to develop ourselves and develop our education,” al-Mahdawi explained.

Omima Ahmed Al-Mahdawi presenting her paper “Lesson Planning with Backward Design.”

From Sebha, Samar Adyaab, who is an assistant lecturer at the Sebha University, said the conference was a great opportunity for her to participate and meet with other teachers from across Libya.

“It gave us the opportunity to discuss the important issue on teaching English as a foreign language in the Libyan context,” Adyaab told The Libyan Address Journal.

“I am also pleased to see a lot of young presenters at the conference which indicates that we are done with the old school and out-dated methods of teaching English,” she added.

Adyaab, who took more than 500km drive from Sebha to al-Bayda, presented a paper entitled “No More Silence: Implementing Debate in Oral Communication Classes.” She shared her experience in teaching English speaking skills at Sebha University.

“Participating in the conference is an interesting experience for me and I hope there will be more publicity at future conferences so that more English language students can attend and participate,” Adyaab concluded.

Samar Adyaab presenting her paper “No More Silence: Implementing Debate in Oral Communication Classes.”

The English Language Conference was part of a wider event under the name of the Annual Mukhtar Festival of Education and Science 2019, which was organized by Omar Al-Mukhtar University administration and included a book fair, flower exhibition, and other activities from various colleges and departments of the university.

Reporting by Faraj Aljarih from al-Bayda, Libya.


15 selected from the 1st International Conference on Reality of Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language in Expanding Circle Countries:


Reporting by Faraj Aljarih from al-Bayda, Libya.



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