GNA forces seen deploying Syrian-made m-302 missiles

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

For the first time since the outbreak of fighting south of Tripoli, Syrian-made M-302 artillery missiles have been deployed by forces supporting the Presidency Council near the front line the Al-Zatarna area south of Tajoura, near the Wadi Rabie road.

The weapon, also known as the Khaibar-1 rocket, has not previously been listed in the Libya’s arsenal. Several thousand are said have been imported late last month through the port of Misrata by an Iranian cargo ship, the Shahr E Kord.

Evidence of the missile’s deployment has come from the Facebook page of the Tajoura Revolutionaries’ Alliance. The post was also shared later by Ashraf Tantun, a leading member of the Third Force of Misrata and one of its social media promoters. He claimed that that the GNA forces had a staggering 20,000 of them.

The M-302 Missile (left) shown by Tajoura Revolutionaries’ Alliance as being deployed on the Zatarna frontline

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