Fortress Europe fails humanity

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

EUROPE – Deaths have occurred at sea, in detention blocks, asylum units and even town centres. The EU has recently clamped down on sea patrols in the Mediterranean, which rescued about 45,000 refugees in the past. Italy earlier declared its waters closed to rescue boats and called on other countries to open their ports, but none came forward, the European cross-border movement, DIEM25 reported.

This is not a “refugee crisis” but a crisis of European values and ineptitude. Instead of formulating a solution based on solidarity and shared responsibility, Europe is pushing the issue of migration beyond its borders: paying Libya, for example, intercept, detain, and torture migrants, the movement said.

People have little choice but to flee war, persecution or abject poverty. And let’s not forget Europe’s role in creating these painful circumstances: destruction and war in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc. and economicand trade deals exacerbating poverty in Africa. Throwing money (humanitarian aid) at these countries, as the EU is doing, will have no long-term effect while these policies continue, it added.


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