Initial Confession by captured GNA mercenary pilot

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The foreign pilot captured today by LNA forces after his plane was shot down in the Hira area near Gharyan says he is Portuguese, aged 29, and is named Jimmy Reece.

In a video recording of his interrogation, the captured pilot said that he was employed on a “civil contract” but that his job was to destroy roads and bridges.

Several roads in areas around Tarhouna, Gharyan, Esbaia, Sidi Sayeh and Suq Al-Khamis have been subjected to heavy bombing in recent days by military planes of the Sarraj government forces.

Asked who had employed him, he said it was someone called Al-Hadi but claimed that he did not know the rest of the man’s name.

He is reported to have been flying out of Misrata Air Base.


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