Militias retreating in southern Tripoli says LNA commander

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Many militia fighters in southern Tripoli have retreated following LNA airstrike on their positions and weapons depots, according to Maj.-Gen. Fawzi al-Mansuri, the commander of the Ain Zara front in the battle for Tripoli.

Al-Mansouri said in statements to the publication Alitihad newspaper that the LNA air force would continue to hit targets in Tripoli.

The air strikes have been continuing nightly, with little action or movement during day time. Misrata’s 301 (Halbous) Brigade was reported hit two days ago at it moved up to the front line in Wadi Rabie. A major GNA arms depot in Tajoura was also hit a couple of days ago, although it was reported that strikes in the early hours today in the same district wounded a number of civilians, including a woman and two children. This has not been confirmed by independent sources.

Regarding threats by militias to attack the oil crescent, Mansouri said that the oil fields and terminals were fully secured. As to the attacks in southern Libya, particularly the latest attack four days ago on Ghadwa, south of Sebha, in which at least three people died, he said they were a desperate bid by Daesh and Chadian opposition forces to draw LNA units away from its main task of liberating Tripoli.

Daesh has been held responsible for the Ghadwa attack although some reports say Tebu forces were involved.


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