LNA airstrike in Zawia, airstrikes continue overnight in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

NA aircraft were in action over Zawia early this morning. The target was the operations room of the Farouq Brigade, a local militant Islamist unit led by Shaaban Masoud Hadia, better known as Abu Obeida Al-Zawi.

So far, reports of casualties on the ground have not been confirmed.

Video camera and radio mast at the Farouq Brigade’s HQ. (Photo: social media)

A firm supporter of the former Libya Dawn regime, Abu Obeida was subsequently bitterly opposed to both the Presidency Council of Faiez Sarraj and the Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter. However, in the current struggle, he, like other militants such as Salah Badi, has temporarily put aside his opposition to Sarraj and joined ranks with him against the LNA.

Zawia is seen by the LNA as one of the most intractable of its opponents. “Taking it will be a particularly tough battle”, said one source close to the LNA.

Meanwhile, LNA airstrikes have continued overnight in Tripoli’s Tajoura and Ain Zara districts. Firing was also reported between LNA and GNA forces near the Yarmouk camp, south of Tripoli.


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