Malta will continue to support UN processes in Libya – Malta’s Foreign Minister confirms

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Malta’s Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela has told a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Minister’s Council (FAC) that, ‘Malta will continue to unwaveringly support the UN-facilitated process in Libya,’ and that the country calls on ‘all parties to do the same. Relations with Libya have always been pivotal for peace, stability, and security in the Mediterranean region, and will remain so for years to come.’

According to Newsbook Malta, while expressing his disappointment at the current situation in Libya, Minister Abela said that it was ‘a short-term objective’ to call for ‘a comprehensive and durable ceasefire’ that would bring about the negotiation between the warring groups.

‘Diplomacy is the only way forward’ Abela told fellow Ministers and representatives of the EU.

The Minister was making the comments as renewed violence has been unsettling the country since April 4th.


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