Two elements of ISIS and al-Qaeda killed in aerial attack by LNA west of Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

AL-ZAWIYA, Libya – The Address Journal learned from sources that two terrorist elements, one linked to ISIS and the other to al-Qaeda, were killed in an aerial bombing carried out by the Libyan National Army (LNA) and targeted the headquarters of al-Farouq terrorist battalion in the city of al-Zawiya west of Tripoli.

The first man, Musab Mohammed Kamuka, belongs to al-Qaeda and is one of the most wanted to LNA, and who fled Sabratha after its liberation in 2016.

Kamuka had joined al-Faruq terrorist battalion located in al-Zawiya, which includes many terrorist elements belonging to al-Qaeda.

The second element was Safwan Abdel Hamid Jabir Hamouda, a member of ISIS, which attacked Sabratha security headquarters and killed a number of police and civilians on 22 Feb 2016.

He is wanted by the Attorney-General and had fled Sabratha to al-Zawiya in 2017.


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