(PICTURES) Afriqiyah Airways’ plane carries weapons from Turkey to Misurata

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MISURATA – A plane of Afriqiyah Airways has arrived from a Turkish military base to the city of Misurata carrying on board weapons and ammunition, sources told The Address.

According to data provided by Flightradar24 website, the Airbus A330 plane took off from Tripoli on Wednesday midnight and landed in Ankara at 2 a.m. The plane left Ankara after three hours and headed to Misurata.

Sources told The Address there were four individuals on board, one of whom is Mokhtar Al-Mahmoudi; a leading figure of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood.

The plane was operated by a pilot named Jalal Mohammed Al-Sharda (passport number 172506).

Afriqiyah Airways is a state-owned civilian airline. Using a civilian airline for military purposes constitutes a violation of the safety of civil aviation and an illegal and dangerous abuse of civil aviation laws.


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